The fibre optic backbone, totaling in excess of 190km was installed and spliced by Fibre Based Integrations. Part of their scope of work was to supply, install and commission the Teleste single mode fibre optic transmission equipment which has now become our standard. A total number of 162 way side cameras was installed and commissioned by Fibre Based Integrations technicians.

Reference Letter - Bombardier - Gautrain
Dave Barry
Vice President
Bombardier Transportation UK Limited (SA Branch)

Fibre Based Integrations has been on the project since October 2010 working with the Cathodic Protection Contractor (ACE Contracting) who prepares splicing locations (excavations) where the fibre optic cable has been installed by WBHO (the main contractor).

Reference Letter - VGI Electronic
P.S. Nel
Assistant RE
VGI Consulting Inc

The fibre optic backbone was designed and installed by Fibre Based Integrations. Part of their scope of work was to supply the Teleste single mode fibre optic transmission equipment which has now become our standard.
Fibre Based Integrations has always conducted themselves in a professional manner and the after sales service that we receive from them is from the highest standard.

Reference Letter - Morubisi
Mr. Collen B. Khoza
Morubisi Technologies

FBI has a very good technical understanding of the work required in terms of the contract. They complete the work with the expected quality with no incidences. The splicing specifically is completed to a higher specification than what was required. They also add value by giving guidance and suggestions in terms of the fibre interfaces, the cable installation methodology and cable installation quality control.

Reference Letter - IPES
TP van der Poel
Project Engineer

Most recently Fibre Based Integrations cc have been supporting SondoloIT on their contract with the Department of Justice supplying and supporting the Digital Acoustics, IP Intercom specified for each of 127 facilities in the amount of approximately 2,000 Vandal Resistant Door Stations and the Intercom Management Software for all the sites.

Reference Letter - Sondolo
Rod Clifford
Strategic Development Manager

Fibre Based Integrations' scope of work consisted of the design of the communication backbone, supply and installation, testing and splicing of the fibre optic cable and supply, install and test of the fibre optic transmission equipment. This equipment used is from Teleste and manufactured in Finland. We have standardized on Teleste as our transmission medium in City Centre Surveillance as a result of the exceptional quality of signal obtained and the minimum failure rate received.

Reference Letter - Omega Risk Solutions
Mr. Thys Le Grange
Group Executive: Technology
Omega Risk Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Fibre Based Integrations, and in particular Andre Potgieter has been instrumental in the design, installation, integration and commissioning of the surveillance systems used in the City Centre Monitoring.
This system includes in excess of 300 cameras on point-to-point links as well as the Teleste VMX IP system using encoded signals running on a Cisco 10GigE fibre optic backbone. This system allows for distributed recording as well as interaction and switching between the two control rooms and various viewing stations. Teleste is selected as the product of choice on the transmission, switching and recording as a result of the standards based open platform architecture that it is based on.

Reference Letter - City of Cape Town
Ridwan Wagiet
Director for CCTV Metro Police
City of Cape Town - Safety and Security

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